Reporter Says Harvey Weinstein Called After Sexual Assault To Say He ‘Had A Great Time’ — See Lauren Sivan Tell Her Story On TODAY!

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It seems Harvey Weinstein has allegedly been allowed to sexually harass and assault women in Hollywood for years with impunity — which means there are a LOT of women who have stories to tell.

One of the worst we’ve heard came from reporter Lauren Sivan, who gave a detailed account of the movie exec cornering her and forcing her to watch him masturbate into a potted plant.

But it wasn’t over.

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Harvey felt so untouchable back then he actually called her up the next day!

In a TODAY show interview with Megyn Kelly, who has had her own experiences with sexual misconduct in the workplace, Lauren revealed:

“The next day, after I fled basically, he called my station, they said, ‘I have Harvey Weinstein on the line for you,’ and my heart sank. And he said, ‘I just want to let you know I had a great time last night.'”

WTF?! Ick! And it doesn’t end there; Lauren says Harvey continued:

“‘Yeah, I had a great time last night. I’m going away overseas on a trip. I would love to see you again, if that’s something we could do.'”


See how she responded, PLUS a discussion of what needs to change for more women to feel comfortable coming forward (below):

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Oct 9, 2017 1:38pm PDT

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