Model Zoe Brock Details Being ‘Harveyed’ By Harvey Weinstein — Read Her Upsetting Account HERE

zoe brock details harvey weinstein experience

Harvey Weinstein‘s list of victims only seems to be growing.

Following the explosive New York Times expos├â┬⌐ which detailed the indie movie mogul’s decades of sexual harassment, several women have come forward to discuss their unsavory experiences with Weinstein. One of the latest people to speak out is model Zoe Brock.

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It’s been 20 years since Miz Brock’s encounter with Harvey, but she clearly remembers how he allegedly lured her back to his hotel room and begged for a massage. Now, if you read the Times coverage, you know that was Weinstein’s total M.O.

Per Zoe’s Medium post, she was only 23 years old when she was “Harveyed.” Apparently, the New Zealand-born beauty met Weinstein in 1997 while they were both at the Cannes Film Festival. She revealed:

“I met Harvey Weinstein in Cannes at the Film Festival. We were seated next to each other at a fancy dinner. I didn’t catch his name and assumed I was talking to another hungry producer trying to sell a little movie to the big wigs. Feeling sorry for him, I went out of my way to be entertaining and nice. It wasn’t until later in the meal that I asked the name of his production company.”

After learning that they had a mutual friend in common, the two industry professionals spent some time together at the film festival. Zoe continued:

“With a dear mutual friend in common I felt safe with Harvey. The night was young and so was I. After dinner our large group, which included my Italian modeling agent, a few rich douchebags, some decorative models, and Harvey’s entourage, rolled out into the Cannes night. Black town cars and gleaming limos took us to various parties where we glittered and shone like everyone else. Harvey and his assistant, Rick Schwartz, never left my side.”

While the conversation between Zoe and Harvey could’ve been misconstrued as flirtatious, Brock insists that she only felt “platonic energy” for him. Which makes it so much more troubling that Weinstein and his assistant seemingly manipulated it so that she was separated from her friends:

“My group was ushered into one car and I was somehow separated from them and told to get into another car with Harvey and his two friends. Stupidly, I obliged. I was told we were all going to the same place. To this day I do not know if my Italian agent was in on the ruse. My instincts tell me he was.”

How awful. Things only got worse for Zoe as she relayed:

“The energy shifted and I became very uncomfortable… And suddenly I was alone in a remote hotel suite with Harvey fucking Weinstein. My body went into high alert. I was drunk, young, miles from home, without cash to get a cab, and no cell phone… It was time to sober up, and fast.”

To make matters worse, Harvey moved quickly to proposition Zoe as he was naked and asking for massage almost as soon as they were alone. The model added:

“Harvey left the room, but not for long. He re-emerged naked a couple of minutes later and asked if I would give him a massage. Panicking, in shock, I remember weighing up the options and wondering how much I needed to placate him to keep myself safe. He asked if I would like a massage instead, and for a second I thought this might be a way to give him an inch without him taking a mile.

I told him I was uncomfortable and that I was angry that I had been tricked into this position. He pleaded with me to let him massage me and I let him put his hands on my shoulders while my mind raced.”

In an attempt to escape the filmmaker, Zoe locked herself in the bathroom as Harvey pleaded with her to come out. After reprimanding Harvey through a locked door, Brock eventually emerged and found Weinstein whimpering on the bed:

“Harvey, contrite, promised to cover himself and leave me alone. I came out of the bathroom and found him sitting on his bed, wearing a bathrobe, crying. ‘You don’t like me because I’m fat.’ He whimpered.”

Tsk, tsk. Supposedly, the assistant tried to apologize as Zoe has claimed he told her:

“‘I’m so sorry,’ he said. ‘I want you to know that of all the girls he does this to you are the one I really felt bad about. You deserve better.'”

Rick Schwartz, if you’re reading this, SHAME ON YOU. Smh.

According to Zoe, Weinstein let her stay at his suite at the Majestic Hotel. However, after a friend warned her that Harvey would be back in the morning, the brunette fled the hotel room at 6 a.m. In an attempt to downplay the scandalous nature of their encounter, Harvey sent Zoe red roses and booked a private movie screening for her at the festival. Both presents were unwanted.

Be sure to read Zoe’s full account for yourself HERE.

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Oct 9, 2017 11:25am PDT

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