Harvey Weinstein’s Team Trying To Rush Him Out Of The Country As An FBI Investigation Begins!

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From what we heard, the plan was for Harvey Weinstein to leave for a sex addiction rehab clinic on Tuesday night. Yet he’s still in El Lay…

His advisers are urging him to get the hell out of town, but he just won’t go.

What’s going on? When he checks into the clinic, he has to give up his cell phone — just part of the normal rehab rules.

Well, according to a new report from The Blast, that’s a sticking point for Harvey, who is trying to keep the lines of communication with both his wife and his company open.

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As we’ve heard, he thinks there’s still a future for him with both.

Ironically, it’s news of him leaving the country — which he isn’t doing — that reportedly led to the FBI to open an investigation on him!

DailyMail.com reports that the Department of Justice ordered the probe, despite the fact prosecutors weren’t pressing charges, once they got wind he would be a flight risk.

The FBI will now have to determine if Weinstein committed any federal crimes under their jurisdiction. Among other cases, they’ll look at the claims of Lucia Evans, who says Harvey forced her to perform oral sex on him.

New York State does not have a statute of limitations on rape or “criminal sexual acts.”

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The move by Jeff Sessions‘ DOJ is likely to be seen as highly political, considering Weinstein is such a vocal anti-Donald Trump Democrat with ties to Hillary Clinton.

Innerestingly it was Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. whose head the DOJ is going over.

Vance decided not to pursue sexual abuse charges against Weinstein and later got a hefty donation to his re-election campaign. Vance ALSO got a big donation to his campaign from Trump’s lawyer after ordering his prosecutors to drop an investigation into a real estate fraud scheme by Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

How is any of this legal again??

It sounds to us like there might be plenty of reason to investigate Harvey, so frankly at the end of the day we don’t care about the motives of the DOJ — just the J part.

What do YOU think??

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Oct 11, 2017 8:03pm PST

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