Seth Rogen Didn’t Return His Mom’s Calls, So She Obviously Embarrassed Him On Twitter For It!

Twitter loves Seth Rogen's mom!

Seth Rogen‘s mom Sandy proved just how much of a momma bear she is!

After not being able to get in touch with her son, she took to Twitter on Monday to call him out in hopes of him responding! And considering how active the 35-year-old is on the social media site, it was worth the shot!

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In the most mom fashion, she wrote:

Unsurprisingly, it caught the attention of the Internet as they also HIGHlariously tweeted at the actor:

Seth finally responded on Tuesday, explaining:

It was just one day!!

Still, plenty of followers could relate, as they replied with their own stories about their concerned parents:

In the end, it sounds like momma Rogen was appeased:

That’s probably the last time the actor goes without calling his mom back!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 11, 2017 12:14pm PDT

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