This Is The Moment We Revealed To Momma Perez Mayte Hilton’s Name!

This needs to be in the first person.

In Perez’s own words!

“Here’s the story. The same day my daughter Mayte was born, my mom got the sad news that her beloved uncle had passed away. I had kept Mayte’s name a secret for close to 9 months and she was still a few hours away from delivery, but after hearing about Tio Panchito – I thought this was just what mom needed to hear. Reminder: Momma Perez was the one who named Mayte! She had suggested many names, but she only mentioned Mayte once – and it stuck with me! Mayte pays honor to my dad, who died when I was 15, and to her. Mario & Teresita. Mayte! And her middle name is Amor! We love it so much!”

Oct 11, 2017 7:34pm PDT

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