James Van Der Beek Stands Up For Harvey Weinstein’s Victims By Revealing He Too Has Been Sexually Harassed By ‘Powerful Men’

james van der beek details sexual harassment experience

This is upsetting on SO many levels.

On Wednesday evening, James Van Der Beek took to Twitter to open up about his own experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood. The Dawson’s Creek alum’s admission comes amid Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual misconduct scandal.

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In fact, the industry vet chose to discuss his own unsavory experiences in Tinseltown in an attempt to defend the many victims who’ve been criticized for staying silent for so long. The 40-year-old started off with:

In order to prove that he understands Weinstein’s victims’ plight, James bravely shared:

How awful. Also, what is wrong with the powerhouses in Hollywood?? It sounds like there is a rampant sexual harassment problem plaguing its executives.

We mean, earlier this week, Terry Crews got specific about the sexual harassment he suffered at the hands of a “high level Hollywood executive.” Rob Schneider also made a confession where he claimed he was once harassed in a hotel room by a bath robe wearing director. Smh.

We honestly couldn’t be prouder of those who are speaking up during this tense time. It’s time to see a change in Hollywood and EVERYWHERE sexual harassment and assault are going on — right, folks??

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Oct 12, 2017 8:13am PDT

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