Britney Spears Is The Modern Day Picasso!

Britney Spears

In happier news… Britney Spears has taken up painting!

Hellbent on improving our day drastically, the 35-year-old singer took to Instagram on Friday showing off her latest masterpiece — a beautiful compilation of flowers and colorful abstract lines!

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She penned alongside a video showing us behind-the-scenes footage of her ~process~:

“Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!! ├░┼╕╦£┼ô├░┼╕ΓÇÖΓÇ╣├░┼╕ΓÇÖΓǪ├░┼╕┬Å┬╗├░┼╕ΓÇÿ┬⌐├óΓé¼┬ì├░┼╕┼╜┬¿├░┼╕┼╜┬¿├░┼╕ΓÇÿ┬»├░┼╕ΓÇÿΓÇö├░┼╕ΓÇÿΓÇ║├░┼╕ΓÇÿΓÇÖ├░┼╕┬É┬á├░┼╕┼Æ┬╣├░┼╕ΓÇÖ┬Ñ├░┼╕ΓÇÖ┬Ñ”

Watch (below)!!


Gotta love her.

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 13, 2017 6:33pm PST

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