Trump Is So Dumb! Twitter Reacts To His ‘President Of The Virgin Islands’ Screwup!

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Over the past few months we’ve heard some dumb quotes from Donald Trump, but this is… OK, this is par for the course at this point.

During a speech at the Values Voter Summit (more on that below) Friday morning, the NINCOMPOTUS was bragging about what a good job he had done on hurricane relief when he described meeting the “president of the Virgin Islands.”

The person Trump actually met with was the Governor of the Virgin Islands, Kenneth Mapp.

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The President of the U.S. Virgin Islands is of course, a huge fucking moron with whom no one wants to meet.

Yep. It’s Trump. They’re the U.S. Virgin Islands. He’s their President. Something people couldn’t NOT point out on Twitter — even ones who were trying to support women with the boycott:

BTW, as dumb as what Trump said was, let’s not let it take too much of the spotlight away from the fact it was said to the Values Voter Summit, an openly anti-LGBT Christian conservative coalition.

They’re so right wing, he’s the first sitting President to speak there. So… That’s the President of the Virgin Islands for ya.

Oct 13, 2017 1:05pm PDT

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