Canadian Actress Says Harvey Weinstein Grabbed Her By The Neck & Masturbated In Front Of Her During Just One Of Their Disturbing Encounters

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Another actress has come forward with a disturbing story about Harvey Weinstein.

Inspired by the 30+ women who have spoken out about the disgraced movie mogul’s decades of sexual harassment, Smurfs 2 star Erika Rosenbaum sat down with CBC‘s The Current to recount her scary experiences with Weinstein that began over 15 years ago.

In one instance, the 37-year-old said the Hollywood exec grabbed her by the neck and began masturbating behind her while staring her down in the mirror. This all happened after a meeting about her career was redirected to his hotel room last minute (once again, arranged by an assistant).

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Rosenbaum revealed:

“I suddenly found myself fending him off, as though we were on a first date and he was making unwanted advances … He did that while looking me right in the eye.”

He even coerced her into giving him a massage:

“In a surreal scene from a bad movie, I massaged his back and then he let me go. I walked away confused and ashamed.”

Until now, the photographer admitted she never told her story because she was very aware that angering or embarrassing him would have a negative impact on her career.

Rosenbaum continued to keep in touch with Weinstein after the first encounter, believing his advances would stop.

In another “business” meeting, Harvey opened the door without pants on before luring her into the bathroom and masturbating in front of her once again.

A third time, he tried to kiss her in his office after having his casting agents fly her to New York.

Rosenbaum said:

“I was too young to know how to handle it. I just knew I couldn’t make an enemy of this guy.”

She went on to describe the process of sharing what happened to her after all these years:

“I really feel for all who’ve had this experience. It is very confusing and it can be very damaging. I felt like if I did not use my negative experience to add one more name to the list of women he has affected in this way, he would still be somehow getting something from me. I would still be keeping his secret. And I owe him nothing.”

We commend Erika’s courage to speak out.

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Oct 13, 2017 10:11am PDT

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