Donna Karan Apologizes A Second Time For Controversial Comments Defending Harvey Weinstein

Donna Karan is still backtracking.

Donna Karan continues to backtrack her initial comments about Harvey Weinstein.

As we previously reported, the fashion designer seemingly defended the controversial producer amid the allegations of sexual harassment and assault, pondering:

“Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?”

One day later she clarified her words, which she claimed were “taken out of context,” and now, the 69-year-old is apologizing further.

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A source gave her newest statement to The Hollywood Reporter, which reads:

I am sorry for the comments I made last week. Those words do not represent who I am, what I believe or what I have represented throughout my career.

For over 40 years, I have been a woman for women — presenting women in sensual ways through my advertising and runway shows. There is no question that women should wear what they want, when they want and without fear of being harassed, molested or abused. I am sorry for saying something I did not mean and I hope my track record proves who I am and that the words I mistakenly uttered last week do not represent my actual views.

As a woman, mother, grandmother, designer and philanthropist, I have always put women first. My mission in life is, and always has been, to dress and address women, empowering and enabling them to express their professionalism, passion and sensuality.

To the women who have shared their personal stories of sexual harassment and to those who have been abused and have not yet told tell their story, I stand by you…as your friend, your sister and your supporter. You are courageous. Beautiful. And I admire you.

What Harvey Weinstein did is unconscionable and unforgivable. I apologize for my comments that gave the impression that I feel any other way about any man who disrespects, harasses or abuses any woman.



And in an interview on Monday with Women’s Wear Daily, she explained she was “exhausted” from traveling when she answered the question about Weinstein:

“And I was confused by the question. I mean, I hadn’t been paying attention to any of the news, and you hear little stories here and a little story there. And quite honestly, it wasn’t my place to say anything. Sometimes the press can kind of gear you on, and I didn’t feel it was appropriate.”

Then came her surprise over her quotes:

“I said, ├óΓé¼╦£I said that?’ That was the first thing out of my mouth. What? I didn’t say that. That’s ridiculous.”

Donna further divulged:

“I mean, if it came from anyone, it came from the mother inside of me. I shouldn’t have said it. I’m a woman loving women and letting them be who they are. That to me is the most important thing. And I got scared.”

Are you buying her explanations and apology??

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Oct 16, 2017 12:26pm PDT

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