Bob & Harvey Weinstein Are Expected To Get Into An EXPLOSIVE Fight At Upcoming Board Of Directors Meeting

weinstein brothers feud update

The Weinstein family feud is only going to get worse.

As you surely know, Harvey Weinstein has been ousted from The Weinstein Company following his sexual misconduct scandal. Not to mention, according to reports, the disgraced Hollywood heavyweight blames his brother and (now former) business partner, Bob Weinstein for allegedly leaking internal documents detailing decades of sexual harassment allegations to the New York Times.

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While Bob hasn’t confirmed this gossip, the 62-year-old has publicly denounced his brother and made it perfectly clear that he in no way condones his flesh-and-blood’s behavior. Thus, a showdown is expected when the two brothers both tune in for TWC’s Board of Directors meeting.

Per TMZ, the Board of Directors has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday where they plan to discuss Harvey’s firing. Reportedly, the scandalized industry titan will be present at the meeting via a speakerphone. In case you forgot, Harvey is currently in an Arizona based rehab facility where he is seeking treatment for sex addiction. The movie mogul’s lawyer, Patty Glaser, will be in the room at the time of the meeting.

It’s said Glaser plans to address several points which prove that Harvey’s firing violated his contract. Supposedly, TWC never gave Harvey a clear cut reason as to why he was being let go. Right, because it’s ~such~ a mystery. *Eye roll*

What’s even crazier is that the attorney plans to argue that the elder Weinstein did nothing to violate his contract. As you may’ve heard, a provision was added to Harvey’s contract back in 2015 which covers claims such as sexual harassment. The only requirement? Harvey was required to reimburse the company for any settlement and/or legal fees. Oh, and he’d have to pay a fine too.

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Since there were no claims brought against Harvey following the contract negotiation, his employment document should protect him. TWC isn’t buying this defense as their code of conduct is what allowed them to let Harvey go.

This contract dispute is likely to wind both Weinsteins up. It’s believed that Bob, who is said to naturally be hot tempered, is livid about the drama and is expected to go off during the conference call. To make matters worse, if the company is unwilling to go through mediation and arbitration, Glaser will file a lawsuit on Harvey’s behalf.

An insider told the webloid:

“There is so much crap that will be unearthed in a lawsuit, the company just can’t survive it.”

Dramaaaaaa. Be sure to ch-ch-check back for any updates on this Cain-and-Abel-esque beef!

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Oct 16, 2017 1:44pm PDT

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