Kevin Smith Is Giving All His Residuals From Harvey Weinstein Movies To Women’s Charity!

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Kevin Smith absolutely hates that his career is forever tied to Harvey Weinstein.

After stories came to light about the exploits of his longtime producer, the Clerks director made sure to express his feeling of shame.

Now? He’s putting his money where his mouth is!

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On the latest episode of his podcast Hollywood Babble-On, Kevin announced to a live crowd that he is ready to give back all that he can.

Tearfully, he began:

“My entire career is tied up with the man. Everything I did in the beginning has his name on it. And I spent many years lionizing him, telling stories. Whenever I tell the Clerks story, there’s, you know, and then we got bought by Miramax.

I’m not a victim in this. This is not about me at all. We know who the victims are. But my shit is tied up with this man…

I just wanted to make some fucking movies, that’s it. That’s why I came, that’s why I made Clerks. And no fucking movie is worth all this. Like, my entire career, fuck it, take it. It’s wrapped up in something really fucking horrible.”

A fan shouted from the crowd, telling him it wasn’t his fault.

“I know it’s not my fault, but I didn’t fucking help. Because I sat out there talking about this man like he was a hero, like he was my friend, like he was my father and shit like that, and he changed my fucking life. And I showed other people, ‘You can dream, and you can make stuff, and this man will put it out. I was singing praises of somebody that I didn’t fucking know. I didn’t know the man that they keep talking about in the press. Clearly he exists, but that man never showed himself to me. It all hurts, and it didn’t happen to me, but it all hurts.”

That’s when he explained what he was going to do about it:

“So I’ve been trying to think of what to do. Everyone on the Internet of course has an opinion; a lot of people when I said that I’m ashamed, I wrote a tweet saying I’m ashamed, a lot of people of course were like, ‘Give all the money back.’ Well, I don’t have money from 20 years ago, do you?

But that being said, I work in an industry where thankfully there are dividends that come out of a movie for the rest of your life, so there’s such a thing as residuals, where I still get money for those movies, for the movies I made at Miramax and for the movies I made with at Weinstein. The first thing I feel like I can do is, I don’t want that anymore.”

So what to do with the money?

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The way Kevin sees it, he was privileged enough not to be harassed or assaulted because of who he is, unlike the many women who crossed paths with his former boss:

“I had a dream and I made it, and I presented it to somebody, and they didn’t make me do something fucking horrible. So I feel like there are so many people that we know of now, and maybe even more, that were made to do horrible things to make their dreams come true and maybe didn’t even get to touch the dreams; this fucking dude chased them away.”

So Kevin has decided to give all his residuals from all those movies — Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, etc. — to Women In Film, a nonprofit that helps women coming up in the industry to achieve their dreams.

In addition, in case that number drops off thanks to The Weinstein Company tanking, he says he’ll give an additional $2,000 a month for the rest of his life.

What do YOU think about Kevin’s gesture??

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Oct 16, 2017 9:14pm PST

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