Amber Tamblyn Stands By Husband David Cross As The Comedian Scrambles To Defend His Allegedly Racist Actions Toward Charlyne Yi

amber tamblyn defends david cross

Amber Tamblyn is standing by her husband!

As we previously reported, David Cross has been accused by actress Charlyne Yi of making racist comments toward her around a decade ago. Although Cross has since denied Miz Yi’s claims, he did note that he was “truly sorry” if he hurt her at all. Understandably, this scandal has yet to die down as many Twitter users have weighed in on the drama.

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In fact, one online user attempted to drag the Arrested Development actor’s wife Amber — who is a celebrated feminist in the industry — into the feud by tagging her in a thread which had shady remarks about David. This move clearly pissed the 34-year-old off as she clapped back:

amber tamblyn clap back

So savage. As for David, he’s still offering up explanations as to why Charlyne may think he’s racist. He added to his statement on Wednesday:

If this were the first time you were meeting your friend’s Asian girlfriend, would YOU bring out a racist character out of context?? Yeah, we wouldn’t either.

Tsk, tsk!

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Oct 19, 2017 4:41pm PDT

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