Jim Carrey Says Late Ex Cathriona White Altered Medical Records To Make It Look Like He Gave Her Herpes

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Jim Carrey is still trying to prove his late ex-girlfriend attempted to frame him in the herpes accusation — and according to claims, Cathriona White cooked up quite the elaborate scheme.

The comedian has been entangled in a messy lawsuit with his ex’s estranged mother, Brigid Sweetman, and widower, Mark Burton, who claim she became suicidal after the comedian allegedly gave her herpes.

Carrey, on the other hand, has been adamant that White already had herpes when the two met. His latest allegation involves the suicide victim faking medical records to make it seem like she was clean before meeting him.

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According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, Carrey claims White got her friend’s STD-free medical records and altered them to make it look like they were hers.

White then apparently presented the before and after records as proof, making it seem like she got genital herpes after having sex with the Liar, Liar star.

Carrey says text messages from White to her friend proves his case. In the messages, White allegedly asks her friend multiple times to go to Planned Parenthood for the records — one of the texts reportedly says:

“I need to see the layout … I will need to work on it before I give it to him.”

These new claims are just the latest development in the ongoing lawsuit. Now, Carrey’s team is making an ultimatum: either fork over the real medical records or admit White had multiple STDs before ever meeting the actor.

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But the prosecution isn’t falling for it. Michael Avenatti, attorney for White’s estate, told TMZ that Carrey’s new claim is “complete and utter bullshit,” adding:

“When the truth comes out, Mr. Carrey and certain of his advisers are going to be criminally prosecuted for their conduct in this case. They better buckle up.”

We’ll buckle up as well, as it sounds like this legal drama’s just getting started.

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Oct 20, 2017 6:17pm PDT

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