Dozens Arrested After Deadly Mob Attacks On Suspected ‘Vampires’ Leave Nine Dead

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This story is completely unbelievable. Unfortunately, it’s really happening.

In Malawi, mobs have been forming because of rumors of “vampires” hidden among the populace. These mobs have already killed nine people since September 16, including one stoning.

Many innocent people, including teachers and health workers, have had their homes destroyed because they were suspected to be harboring vampires. The United Nations and U.S. Embassy have already declared the areas off limits as too dangerous.

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Police said on Friday they have made 140 arrests so far, but this crisis is far from over. Inspector general Lexon Kachama explained:

“The biggest challenge is that thieves and robbers have now taken advantage of the situation and are mounting illegal roadblocks at night in order to harass people.”

Believe it or not, a similar rash of killings broke out in Malawi in 2002 over other vampire rumors.

Wondering how this could happen in the modern world?

Well, the education standards in the area are reported to be low, and many locals believe in blood magic, which is a driving force behind the vampire suspicions. Those involved aren’t evil — just ignorant. And that can be so much scarier.

Oct 20, 2017 8:01pm PDT

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