Dr. Phil Apparently Hit A Skateboarder With His Car On Friday Morning

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Well this isn’t good.

Dr. Phil was driving out of a parking lot near Universal Studios in El Lay on Friday morning when, according to a law enforcement source speaking to TMZ, the TV host became impatient with a slow van in front of him at a crosswalk.

Dr. Phil sped around the van to leave, but in doing so, he struck a skateboarder he never saw when he was behind the van — send the young 20s rider to the ground. Yikes!!!!

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Here’s where things get kind of weird, though — the skateboarder told Dr. Phil he was fine, and they shook hands, and Phil drove away.

Story over?? Not quite.

Witnesses called the cops, and when the LAPD showed up, the skateboarder said that wait, he actually wasn’t fine like he told Dr. Phil — and his shoulder and leg were apparently injured.

Police called for an ambulance, and suggested the man go to the hospital, but the skateboarder apparently declined the ride and said he’d go get checked out on his own by a doc.


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Regardless, LAPD took a traffic injury report and the cops have been reviewing surveillance footage to determine fault. If there’s a camera pointed on that intersection and Dr. Phil really did swing around a slow van and hit the skateboarder in a crosswalk… that’s not good.

No comment from the TV doc. Certainly not the best way to start off your weekend.


[Image via Michael Boardman/WENN.]

Oct 21, 2017 9:21pm PDT

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