Megyn Kelly SLAMS Fox News & Bill O’Reilly’s Sexual Harassment Mess By Revealing SHE COMPLAINED About Him To Network Heads! Watch!

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We’re kind of warming up to Megyn Kelly on daytime TV — especially when she uses her time slot to rip apart her old network!

That’s just what the former Fox News host did on Monday’s TODAY when speaking on Bill O’Reilly‘s latest reported sexual harassment settlement.

O’Reilly responded to the The New York Times‘ story by saying that the report — which revealed he paid $32 million to settle a sexual harassment claim with Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl — had “maliciously smeared him.” He also claimed that no woman ever went to HR or complained about his behavior.

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Well, Kelly is calling bullshit on O’Reilly’s rebuttal — because she’s saying SHE complained about the anchor’s behavior towards women to the co-presidents of the network!

The Megyn Kelly Today host, who worked at Fox News from 2004 until January this year, said she wrote an email to co-presidents Bill Shine and Jack Abernethy in November 2016 about O’Reilly’s treatment of women.

That day, Kelly’s memoir Settle for More had been released, which included a chapter in which Kelly accuses former network CEO Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her. When asked about the book in an interview with CBS News, O’Reilly got defensive and said he wasn’t interested in “basically litigating something that is finished that makes my network look bad.”

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Well, that frustrating TV appearance set Kelly off, and prompted her to complain to Shine and Abernethy about the dangers of O’Reilly’s “attitude of shaming women into shutting the hell up about harassment.”

Kelly said the network heads informed her they would “deal with it” — which apparently meant letting O’Reilly go on the air later that night and “attack the company’s harassment victims yet again.”

Wow. No wonder she was desperate to GTFO of that place!

Watch the clips (below) to hear Kelly’s sharp words to her former network — and watch her sit down with former Fox News colleague Juliet Huddy, who settled a claim of sexual harassment against O’Reilly last year.

[Image via Fox News/NBC.]

Oct 23, 2017 1:27pm PST

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