Mickey Rourke Vocalizes Sympathy For Harvey Weinstein — But In The Same Breath CONDEMNS Bill Cosby!

mickey rourke defends harvey weinstein

Mickey Rourke is ready to forgive Harvey Weinstein — but NOT Bill Cosby!

Oh nooooo. Over the weekend, TMZ caught up with The Wrestler actor and asked him to weigh in on the indie movie mogul’s sexual misconduct scandal. Rather than denounce Mr. Weinstein, like the rest of Hollywood, Mickey actually said he was “sorry” for Harvey. Huh??

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Per Rourke, what Weinstein did was “fucked up,” but apparently the public needs to remember that the disgraced producer also did “so much good over the years.” Yeahhhhh, we’re not sure Harvey’s “good” deeds outweigh is COUNTLESS bad ones.

To make matters worse, despite defending the likes of Weinstein, Rourke then turned and laid into Bill Cosby. He noted:

“They should take the piece of shit Bill Cosby and put him down a fucking sewer.”

Apparently, Mickey dated one of the scandalized comedian’s victims. Now, while the 65-year-old wasn’t with the woman at the time of the Cosby incident, Rourke says that if he was he would’ve “put his foot through his asshole.”

The irony is UNREAL here. Like, how can you be upset about one predator in Tinseltown, but not another?? Smh.

Be sure to watch Rourke’s surprising stance on the Weinstein drama for yourself (below).

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Oct 23, 2017 9:26am PDT

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