REPORT: Russian Pop Star Rounded Up And Tortured To Death In Chechnya’s Gay Purge

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This is what happens when ignorant zealots run the world.

If you didn’t already know the name Zelimkhan Bakaev, learn it. The Russian pop singer is reportedly the latest victim of the pure hatred now running Chechnya.

We told you in April about how Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov had bragged about opening the first concentration camp for gay men since Hitler was in power, with a plan to purge the entire country of homosexuality.

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Now sources report that Bakaev, who has not been seen in months (even his Instagram has been deleted), was abducted as part of this anti-gay crusade and murdered.

According to underground sources speaking with NewNowNext, Bakaev (above) was abducted while attending his sister’s wedding on August 8:

“He arrived in Grozny and was picked up by police within three hours. Within ten hours he was murdered.”

The sources say Bakaev, a rising star with a couple hit singles in Russia, was tortured to death for being a known homosexual.

Chechen authorities claim to know nothing about Bakaev’s whereabouts and suggest he has left the country. Oddly, a video popped up on YouTube last month that’s supposedly Bakaev saying he’s in Germany because Russia has “a lot of assholes.”

But it’s pretty clearly not him.

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Even at this distance, Bakaev is much more well-built than this guy. A couple other clues (the closed windows, the Russian furniture, an energy drink not available in Germany) have led fans to believe this is a smokescreen vid made by the Chechen government to hide their actions from the rest of the world.

Obviously our government isn’t going to do anything about this, not even acknowledge it. Donald Trump may be happy to pick fights with North Korea, but there’s no way he’s going to bite Putin’s hand by going after crimes against humanity in a federal subject of Russia.

Especially not over the LGBT community.

So find out what you can. Spread the word. Raise your voice.

And learn the name Zelimkhan Bakaev.

[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 23, 2017 7:36pm PST

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