Latest Weinstein Sexual Assault Accuser Files Lawsuit — But NOT Against Harvey…

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Dominique Huett‘s story is one we’ve heard before:

When she was a nascent actress/model, she allegedly met Harvey Weinstein at a hotel bar. He told her he could help her with her career.

She says he talked about her breasts, asking whether she had implants (for career reasons), then invited her to his hotel room for a business meeting.

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In his room, Weinstein is said to have changed into a robe unexpectedly and demanded a massage. Then he allegedly demanded to give her oral sex, not taking no for an answer. She also says he masturbated in front of her.

What makes Huett’s allegations different are what she and attorney Jeff Herman are doing about it. According to docs obtained by TMZ, Huett is suing The Weinstein Company for its role in her sexual abuse.

According to the suit, TWC knew about Harvey’s modus operandi of luring young women to his hotel room with female employees who made them drop their guard. Herman claims TWC even knew, based on the information about settlements that has come out, what Weinstein did behind those closed doors, coercing or forcing women into sex.

How is this suit possible? Hasn’t the statute of limitations lapsed? After all, this was all the way in 2010.

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Actually, Herman believes Huett is in the clear to sue TWC because the evidence that they were negligent — by not firing Weinstein from his position of power even knowing how he used it — has only recently become public. So the clock has only just started running.

It turns out their secrecy may be their undoing.

And if this lawsuit works, it will set a precedent that will open the floodgates… assuming there’s anything left of TWC to take.

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Oct 24, 2017 7:33pm PDT

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