Julianne Moore & Today‘s Natalie Morales Share Stories About Director James Toback Trying To Pick Them Up On The Streets

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As we reported, over 200 women have come forward with revolting stories about James Toback since The Los Angeles Times published an explosive expos├â┬⌐ on the director’s reported predatory ways over the weekend.

Among those women are Julianne Moore and NBC anchor Natalie Morales, who both shared creepy stories about the filmmaker approaching them on the streets years ago.

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Tweeting at reporter Glenn Whipp, who broke the bombshell story, Moore revealed that she ran into the Oscar-nominee early in her career while walking home in New York City, claiming he tried to pick her up on two separate occasions:

Yuck. Also among the new accusers is Morales, who shared a similar story of Tobak trying to pick her up in Central Park.

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On Access Hollywood, the anchor recalled the director introducing himself, handing over a Variety article to validate who he was, told her she should be in the movies, and — just her luck! — he was currently writing a movie with a role she’d be perfect for.

Morales said their short exchange went south from there, remembering:

“Then he starts – let’s just put it this way, he makes it very clear with the conversation, as I’m walking and he’s walking along, that he wants to get me into a secluded area of the park, which I did not go there.”

Sounds sickeningly similar to the dozens of other accounts.

Thankfully, several accusers have since reported Toback to the LAPD, while others have contacted the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office ahead of a possible investigation.

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Oct 24, 2017 1:30pm PST

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