This Man Has 29 Kids With 24 Women & Calls Himself ‘The Sperminator’ — Is He Actually A Hero?

Attention, baby seekers: your fertile “superhero” has arrived!

Ari Nagel, known on the streets as the Sperminator, was apparently born with super powerful semen that can fertilize even the most stubborn egg.

Which is why he has made it his life’s mission to impregnate any woman who asks for his seed!

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The Sperminator stopped by Maury to discuss his life’s work in sperm donating, explaining he will give his sperm to any woman hoping to get pregnant — whether it be a sample for IVF, or conceiving “the old fashioned way” if they’re into that sort of thing!

He’ll travel around the world!

He also dishes on what it’s like to have 29 children with 24 women — not to mention another 3 kids on the way — while paying child support for 9 of them!

Meet the Sperminator for yourself in the clip (above)!

Oct 24, 2017 11:37pm PDT

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