VOTE: Amazon Now Wants Couriers To Be Able To Enter Your Home To Deliver Packages — Are You Cool With That??


What will they think of next?!

There’s been a huge problem with people’s packages getting stolen — and now Amazon has come up with a solution to leaving your online orders outside of your home.

Introducing Amazon Key, a secure-lock service that allows a courier to gain access into your home for five minutes to leave your goods inside the door. Using a Cloud Cam, the entire delivery will be live-streamed to the customer’s devices and also sent as a video snippet.

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How much does all this cost, you ask? The starting price is $249 for the camera and smart lock. You can also buy the Cloud Cam as a stand-alone security camera for $119.99. Both can be installed by the customer or for free by a professional Amazon technician.

So, we wanna know — how do U feel about Amazon personnel being able to unlock your door while you’re not home??

Answer (below)!

[Image via Amazon.]

Oct 25, 2017 1:14pm PST

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