Corey Feldman Reveals He’s Ready To Expose Hollywood’s Alleged Pedophile Ring — But He Needs YOUR Help First!

corey feldman announces expose film pedophile ring

Corey Feldman is ready to speak the truth.

On Wednesday, the former child star announced his plan to reveal a network of Hollywood pedophiles via a film about his and Corey Haim‘s lives. Feldman teased that he’d be coming forward with the identities of his and Haim’s abuser(s) on Twitter last week.

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At the time, he wrote:

Looks like Feldman is ready to share his story on his terms! In case you didn’t know, Feldman has claimed that he and his late friend were the victims of a high powered pedophile ring during their days as child actors. During a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Goonies star said he and Corey were passed “back and forth” to different industry heavyweights.

While Corey has said that he was molested, he believes that Haim’s abuse was much worse. Per his THR sit down, Feldman alleged that the late icon was raped. Not to mention, back in September 2016, Radar Online claimed to have learned the identity of a “superstar sexual predator” who is also “one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.”

However, following the explosive claims, no big reveal was ever made and our hopes of learning the truth died… until now. At the time of writing this post, Feldman has already raised over $20,000 with a fundraising goal of $10 million. In a YouTube announcement, Corey revealed his plan for the telling movie and promised that the project will answer “what everyone wants to know.”

Since the film will likely incriminate many studios and industry professionals, Corey is attempting to take on this project alone. Thus, he’s crowdfunding the project via Indie Go Go.

The 46-year-old has promised that the money will go towards making the film, as well as towards a security budget for himself and his loved ones. In the vid, Corey explained:

“What I’m proposing is a plan that I believe can literally change the entertainment system as we know it. I believe that I can also bring down potentially a pedophile ring that I’ve been aware of since I was a child.”

He then went on to note that he could name six of the predators — one of whom is still “very powerful.” Now, in case anything happens to Corey, the fundraising page says the Stand By Me actor has “already written down the names and details of the events and given them to a trusted person of power.”

Why?? Well, allegedly, ever since Corey announced his intentions to expose the pedophile ring “he has been arrested, had a near death event, and his band quit with no explanation other than saying they were afraid to continue.” Whoa.

Feldman also mentioned in the video:

“I’ve been living in fear and living with this my entire life. As most victims have, I’ve been made to feel awkward, misunderstood and I’ve been degraded at great levels…

I know that there’s thousands others that have experienced what I have experienced in the entertainment industry and I also know there’s peers of mine who know what I’m talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths.”

Hmmm, very inneresting. Be sure to watch Corey’s announcement for yourself (below) AND take a peek at his fundraising campaign HERE!

[Image via YouTube.]

Oct 25, 2017 1:55pm PDT

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