WTF!! A Woman Has Been Sweating Blood Because Of A Rare Health Condition!

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What you’re about to read is NOT from a Stephen King novel… We promise!

This week, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published an interesting case study where they discussed a rare condition which causes blood to ooze out of the face and palms, even though no cuts or scrapes are present. Again, this is 100% real.

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The condition, known as hematohidrosis, has plagued one 21-year-old female for the last three years. Oh no!!

Apparently, the woman has been sweating blood on-and-off for several years and there isn’t an explanation behind it. Per the report, the patient told doctors at the University of Florence that exercise, stress, and sleep have ALL caused a spontaneous blood-sweat episode. Eek.

And it seems the blood can literally ooze from any part of the body as the NIH’s Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center shared online:

“[Hematohidrosis can cause] crying bloody tears, bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the ears, or oozing blood from other skin surfaces.”

It’s said the condition normally arises on one’s face. See photographic evidence by clicking HERE.

Our hearts are just breaking for the patients — because that sounds like literal hell.

Twenty-eight cases of hematohidrosis have been reported since 2004 and many of the instances were linked to “severe psychological stress.” Specifically, some who have dealt with depression, anxiety, or Post-traumatic stress have also struggled with this rare condition. CMAJ‘s study revealed that certain patients experienced “the abduction of a sibling” and “the beheading of a neighbor” prior to exhibiting hematohidrosis symptoms.

Man, oh man.

As for the female patient mentioned (above), she’s struggled with major depressive disorder and a panic disorder. She has been treated for both conditions. In an attempt to combat hematohidrosis’ bloody symptoms, the unnamed woman has been prescribed a drug for high blood pressure in the hopes it’ll lessen the bleeding.

Sadly, there is no known cure for hematohidrosis. Yet.

Oct 26, 2017 11:36am PDT

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