Actress Lina Esco Explains Why She Was ‘Afraid’ To Come Forward With Harvey Weinstein Allegation

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It’s never easy speaking up…

Earlier this month, S.W.A.T. star Lina Esco spoke to the Washington Post about an alleged encounter she had with Harvey Weinstein around 2010 where he insisted they “should kiss” while having dinner at The Peninsula.

On Thursday, the actress further elaborates her story to People, claiming Weinstein used his power as a Hollywood mogul to assert his dominance over her.

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She confessed:

“He didn’t go past that. He went as far as, ‘We should kiss and we should do this and if we don’t do that things are going to be pretty much not easy for you in the business.”‘

The director would later give Weinstein a “very special thanks” credit in her film Free the Nipple for helping her find an editor.

At the time of the incident, Esco admits she was “afraid” to speak up against the alleged harassment because of the environment she was in:

“We were also in a time where social media and the news weren’t printing these stories and weren’t talking about these stories. If they’re not there, it’s not an environment for everyone to speak of because everyone is saying, ‘Shut your mouth, you don’t want to lose your job.’ So we’re all kind of afraid to say anything.”‘

Nowadays, the 32-year-old is no longer staying silent, and wants to advocate for gender equality with the launch of her Human Campaign.

“We have finally a momentum again with woman after the women’s march. There’s all these momentums happening but if we don’t do something with it, it’s just going to go away. It’s just going to be a trend. Same thing with all these women coming out against Harvey. We have to do something with this. We have to hold these people accountable for what they’re doing and we need to continue speaking up and taking risks.”

In order to ensure equality, the thespian wants to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment so that everyone is protected by law.

“This is not my thing, this is everyone’s thing. It’s important to come together. You can be helping women here and helping women there. But if we’re not in the Constitution, there’s nothing more important than that. Nothing.”

We greatly applaud Lina for her honesty, and we hope other alleged victims of sexual harassment come forward with their stories.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Oct 26, 2017 6:57pm PST

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