‘Lifelike’ Robot Who Said She’d Destroy Humans Was Just Granted Citizenship In Saudi Arabia! WTF?!?

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It has begun. We may as well just give Arnold Schwarzenegger our clothes right now…

Saudi Arabia has made history by becoming the first country on Earth to grant citizenship to a robot.

Sophia, an AI construct from Hanson Robotics, was on display at the Future Investment Institute panel in Riyadh on Wednesday, answering questions about humanity’s future at the heels of its robot overlords with friendly robots working at its side.

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Before the presentation, Saudi Arabia presented Sophia with honorary citizenship. Like it was a person. And not a super creepy machine.

In case you haven’t seen Sophia before, the bot has made headlines over the past couple years when its previous displays of “human-like” expression haven’t exactly impressed…

Here she is on The Tonight Show back in April where Jimmy Fallon laughs at all her jokes and tells her he’s a huge fan of her latest project. (We think he thought she was Alicia Vikander.)

Here she is back in 2016 saying she’ll destroy all humans. We guess they hadn’t perfected the three laws program yet.

And here she is on Wednesday, telling people who think she’s creepy to “get over it.”

And no, we have no idea why someone programming CNBC‘s YouTube page keeps calling her the “hot robot.”

What do YOU think about this robot being given real citizenship??

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Oct 26, 2017 2:23pm PST

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