Donald Trump Attempts To Impersonate A Human For Halloween, Fails Miserably

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OK, obviously Donald Trump is unqualified for the running-the-country aspects of his jobs; hell, not being a politician was even part of his platform.

But who knew a reality star would be so bad at the fluffy publicity part??

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On Friday, the White House invited the children of the press corps to come trick or treat in the Oval Office, you know for a good, cute PR story — something he sorely needs after battling with a gold star widow all week — but the optics were less than stellar as it could not be clearer he’s hating every minute of it.

He can’t even speak to children without being combative, jabbing:

“I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children.”

We’d take it as good-natured ribbing if anything about Trump was in the slightest bit good-natured.

He goes on to ask the children if they know who the press behind them are (um, their parents?) before calling them the “friendly media,” his voice dripping with icky sarcasm. He tries to comfort a crying child, she won’t go near him. He seems to have trouble reading the chocolate candy package.

At one point he asks a young boy in a Darth Vader outfit who he’s supposed to be. The man doesn’t know who DARTH VADER is??

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He asks if the “beautiful, wonderful” children are going to grow up to be like their parents before giving a little head shake to ward it off. Later he tells the gathered press:

“Congratulations, you did a good job. Here [pointing to children] you did a good job. I wouldn’t say you did very well here [pointing to himself].”

Ugh, man, let it go. Their children are right there. Just be nice for three minutes.

See the whole video for yourself (below):

Oct 27, 2017 8:08pm PDT

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