Ashley Judd Shares Tips On How YOU Can Prevent Sexual Harassment In Everyday Life!

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Now that we’re having a more open and honest dialogue about sexual harassment and how pervasive it is in society, many are wondering how to protect themselves against such abuse.

For Harvey Weinstein accuser Ashley Judd, the answer to that is: practice!

In an new video interview with Teen Vogue, the Double Jeopardy star shared a few tricks she’s picked over the years to stop potential harassers dead in their tracks.

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Admitting that she practices saying “stop” when she’s at home or with friends, Judd revealed a few techniques victims can use to protect themselves by standing up to their perpetrators with stern, effective language.

After yelling “That is inappropriate and unwelcome,” at an imaginary harasser, she explains:

“I practice. It’s the world we live in. I get big. I get really big. Some people get small and that’s OK.”

While Judd isn’t afraid speak out against harassers, she explains that any reaction a victim might have is perfectly valid — as those who feel unsafe must do whatever it takes to remove themselves from danger.

In addition to speaking out on the recent allegations she made against the movie mogul, Judd stressed how important it is for society to keep dismantling the systems that allow harassment to occur.

Check out the video (below) for the actress’s crash course in how to handle casual harassment.

[Image via Teen Vogue/YouTube.]

Oct 31, 2017 6:01pm PDT

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