Donald Trump Jr. Uses Daughter’s Halloween Candy To Explain Socialism & Twitter Doesn’t Think He Knows How Socialism Works

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Gather round, kids! It’s time for a Trump family tradition: trick or half-baked lesson on political theory!

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a photo of his daughter holding her Halloween candy on Tuesday, joking about taking away half of her haul and giving it to some lazy kid to teach her about socialism:

Congratulations, you just took the equivalent of a shitty online economics course at Trump University! Here is your cap and hunting rifle.

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Social media users were quick to call out the holes in Junior’s Twitter lecture, explaining that Chloe was actually given her candy via socialism, since the Trick R Treater literally went door to door accepting handouts from other people.

Other Twitics simply blasted Donald Trump‘s eldest son for using his daughter as a prop for his poorly thought out economic allegory.

See the scathing responses (below)!

Read a book, Junior.

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 1, 2017 10:23am PDT

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