People Are Infuriated With Donald Trump’s Response To The NYC Attacker Versus The Las Vegas Shooter

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You never know how Donald Trump is going to respond to a tragedy — but citizens are picking up on one variable that appears to predict if POTUS makes a call to action or a dismissive tweet.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, it comes down to country of origin.

The devastation during the month of October made that clear, as the President issued two completely different responses to the mass shooting in Las Vegas versus the pedestrian plow in New York City — and the differentiation is tragically obvious.

Hours after an Uzbek man killed eight people by driving a rental truck into an NYC bike lane on Tuesday, Trump fired off multiple patriotic tweets — noting he had ordered Homeland Security to step up his “already Extreme Vetting Program” to obliterate ISIS scum.

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That response would be tolerable (and only vaguely Hitler-y) on its own, though Twitter users couldn’t help but compare it to the response Trump issued following the Vegas attack — the worst mass murder in U.S. history — which could be described as a soggy roll of paper towels.

In the days following the mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 58 people, Trump continuously avoided talking about gun control measures. At first, he claimed his administration would “be talking about gun laws as time goes by,” but then started distracting us by throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans.

It was a long month, okay?

Let’s look at Trump’s responses to the tragedies side-by-side: when speaking about Stephen Paddock, the white Vegas shooter, Trump said “the wires were crossed pretty badly in his brain.” Weeks later, the president referred to NYC attacker Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov as an “animal” who was “deranged.”

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Aside from the telling verbiage, Trump made it clear that action wasn’t a priority based on the number of deaths, but whether or not the killings advanced his agenda. Seeing as the Halloween NYC attack did just that, the president was happy to look into the program Saipov came from — so he could terminate it.

On Wednesday, he tweeted:

As for the man who fatally shot almost 60 people? He had some bad wires crossed. And access to unlimited assault rifles. What else is there to say? Smh…

Needless to say, Twitics were flipping over Trump’s fire and fury-esque response to the Halloween attack. See some strong reactions (below):


Nov 1, 2017 6:26pm PDT

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