Kevin Spacey Allegedly Lured A 16-Year-Old Into His Bed By ‘Sobbing’ — & Then Spooned The Victim In His Underwear

kevin spacey anonymous 16 year old victim

More and more upsetting stories about Kevin Spacey are trickling in.

As you surely know, the House Of Cards star has been facing quite the scandal as his allegedly predatory ways have been exposed to the press. The accusations first started making headlines when Rent‘s Anthony Rapp opened up about a 1986 incident where Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance on the then 14-year-old.

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Since this confession, several other accusers have spoken up about their own unsavory experiences with the Oscar winner. Most recently, an anonymous victim — who has chosen to be referred to as John — told BBC‘s Victoria Derbyshire that when he was 16 years old he woke up to Spacey “affectionately” laying on top of him and wearing only his underwear. To make matters worse, the industry vet seemingly lured the youth into his bed by “sobbing.”

According to John, he and Kevin met in New York at a summer theatre back in the ’80s. Apparently, after the twosome spent the day together, the scandalized performer started placing his hands on John in a way he “certainly wasn’t interested in.” Somehow, the pair made it back to Kevin’s residence, where Spacey tearfully asked John to share his bed.

The accuser explained:

“He was sobbing from his bed, which I knew enough that was likely to get me to respond, which I didn’t. I just tried to make it through the evening.”

Things were awkward the next morning when John awoke to Kevin essentially spooning him. He continued:

“In the morning I woke up and his head was on my stomach and his arms were wrapped around my torso very affectionately…

He certainly wasn’t aggressive, but it was something I was not comfortable with as a heterosexual male – but not something I was going to jump out of a window over… His head was on my abdomen and he was in his underwear. I was fully clothed. I supposed it was some sort of New York theatre actor ‘good morning’ but it also made me very uncomfortable.”

Oh no. Understandably, this entire situation made the youngster VVV uneasy:

“I was uncomfortable at best, traumatized at worst.”

Poor thing — but we’re so proud of John for speaking up!

We’re curious to see if Kevin responds to this latest allegation as he’s been pretty tight-lipped since his Twitter apology.

Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing scandal HERE.

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Nov 1, 2017 11:48am PDT

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