Energy Secretary Rick Perry Suggests Fossil Fuel Development Will Help Prevent Sexual Assault — & Twitter Appropriately Responds!

rick perry fossil fuel sexual assault quote

Energy Secretary Rick Perry has, without a doubt, just put his foot in his mouth.

During a recent chat with Meet The PressChuck Todd and Axios CEO/founder Jim VandeHei, Secretary Perry discussed an eye opening trip to Africa he experienced, where he learned about the toxic fumes caused by fires. Specifically, one woman told the Texas-born politician that electricity is important to her because, while she enjoys reading, building a fire for light runs the risk of harming her health as well as others.

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Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Perry linked the development of fossil fuels to a prevention method for sexual assault. He said:

What the actual hell??? We feel like the Donald Trump lackey just threw that quote in to be relevant.

And it seems we aren’t the only ones baffled by Perry’s statement as others weighed in on the comment on Twitter. Be sure to check out the best reactions for yourself (below).

We’re honestly in disbelief that this is a legit quote. How can someone be THIS stupid?? Asking for a friend…

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Nov 2, 2017 2:37pm PDT

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