The Weeknd ‘Really Didn├óΓé¼Γäót Trust’ Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez

Justin and Selena are inseparable now!

Seems like The Weeknd was right about his instincts!

Following his split from Selena Gomez, it’s been revealed he was wary of the starlet reconciling her friendship with her former flame, Justin Bieber, after her kidney transplant.

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A source spilled that the R&B artist isn’t a Belieber, telling Us Weekly:

“He trusted Selena, but he really didn’t trust Justin.”

But it sounds like her friendship with her ex started off totally platonic with a Justin insider revealing:

“He was concerned and, as a friend, checked in. They started hanging out again. They just care about each other.”

The duo have become inseparable since Selly and The Weeknd’s split became public. And while they may be just friends now, who knows what the future for her and JB will hold, according to a source close to the songstress:

“There won’t be any decisions soon. But ultimately, their friends think it will end up in that direction.”

Still, the 25-year-old hasn’t forgotten her rocky past with the Purpose artist, despite him being more “mature” now:

“Justin has his moments, he’s still the same and Selena knows that. You can’t forget your first love. Justin will always have the biggest piece of her heart.”

The heart wants what it wants, for sure!

[Image via Media Punch/WENN.]

Nov 2, 2017 12:20pm PST

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