New Details Emerge About APA Agent Tyler Grasham’s Alleged Predatory Ways As More Accusers Speak Out

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The sexual assault allegations against Tyler Grasham keep rolling in.

As we previously reported, The Agency For The Performing Arts (APA) began an independent internal investigation after two men, Blaise Godbe Lipman and Lucas Ozarowski, came forward and accused the Hollywood agent of sexual misconduct. Ever since this upsetting news hit the press, more victims have come forward to detail their unsavory experiences with the industry vet.

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At least eight young men have gone on the record to accuse Grasham of sexual harassment and/or assault. Five of the accusers told the Los Angeles Times that Tyler made unwanted sexual advances on them when they were intoxicated — and not yet at a legal drinking age.

Here are some of their accounts…

Jack Edwards was 15-years-old when he met Grasham in London back in 2010. Apparently, through mutual friends, Edwards was invited to attend a West End show with Tyler and one of the agent’s clients. Things became inappropriate pretty quickly when Tyler, who was in his 40s at the time, allegedly started buying drinks for the youngsters. Somehow Jack ended up back in Tyler’s hotel room and took a pill the powerhouse reportedly promised would calm his anxiety.

The next day, Jack awoke with the inability to move and, he says, discovered Tyler fondling his genitals. A friend of Jack’s, who was in the next bed, has confirmed that he heard his friend struggling. A month later, Grasham reached out to Jack and asked for the young actor’s headshot and resume.

According to George Todd McLachlan, back when he was an underage actor, the agent had the youth stay with him at his home. During his stay, Tyler allegedly kissed and slept in the same bed as Todd McLachlan. He was only 16 or 17 at the time.

Grasham also reached out to actor Brady Lindsey via social media when he was only 16. Apparently, for two years, Tyler asked the Utah teen to be in a relationship with him. When Brady moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18, the agent took him out and ordered him three glasses of wine. At one point in the evening, it’s alleged that Tyler made a move on Brady as he kissed and grabbed the crotch of the aspiring star.

Michael Podraza, a Lionsgate employee, claims the Hollywood heavyweight offered to get him acting roles if the business and legal affairs manager slept with him. On why he chose to stay quiet about the lewd suggestion, Michael shared:

“He wasn’t hiding. This guy was untouchable, and I was trying to not be blacklisted.”

Kellan Rhude, a now 28-year-old Boston University student, says he was assaulted by Grasham back when he was a 19-year-old aspiring actor. Reportedly, Rhude anonymously informed APA about Tyler’s inappropriate behavior.

Last week, Tyler Cornell filed a complaint against Tyler with the LAPD on sexual assault claims. Per the filing, Tyler allegedly assaulted the 20-year-old earlier this year. A spokeswoman for the police confirmed that there IS an ongoing investigation into a report of criminal sodomy against Grasham.

Two former employees anonymously confirmed to The Times that Tyler’s misconduct with underage male clients was widely known throughout the agency.

The Times has reached out to Tyler for a comment on many platforms, but has yet to receive a response. As for APA, they are looking into the matter and have denied knowing about their employees alleged predatory ways. Be sure to check back for any updates on this scandal.

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Nov 3, 2017 3:13pm PDT

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