Harvey Weinstein May Have To Face The Rape Allegations In Court Next Month

Harvey Weinstein should be very worried.

Harvey Weinstein‘s upcoming trial could be far worse than he ever imagined!

The disgraced producer is set to go to court over a fraud claim from director David Frankel, who alleges Harvey agreed to a wide release of his 2014 film One Chance, only for him to not go through with it.

David claims he’s owed millions of dollars in damages since the movie wasn’t released on the minimum number of screens they allegedly agreed upon in their contract.

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While it seems this may have nothing to do with the rape allegations against Weinstein, his “unfavorable reputation” and “bullying tactics” could be brought up if he takes the stand.

The Weinstein Company is trying to prevent this from happening though, asking a judge to exclude any evidence or testimony about the “highly inflammatory and widespread news stories alleging Mr. Weinstein was involved in sexual harassment, assault, or other incidents.”

That’s also on top of them not wanting his criminal investigations, how he’s been removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, settlements, and so on brought up.

They’re arguing it’s:

“Irrelevant, highly prejudicial, and would lead to substantial delay and confusion at the trial.”

Additionally, TWC’s lawyers Fox Rothschild say the production company doesn’t even want to be named during the trial:

“Based upon the Weinstein Allegations and the media onslaught arising from them, TWC seeks through this motion that no reference be made to Mr. Weinstein and that ‘The Weinstein Company’ be referred to wherever possible by the initials ‘TWC.'”

Attorney Marty Singer is fighting their motion.

He told The Hollywood Reporter he wants to see Harvey take the witness stand. Or if that doesn’t happen, he says he has a taped deposition waiting.

The trial is set to take place the first week of December. We’ll continue to keep you updated!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Nov 3, 2017 5:56pm PDT

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