New Kevin Spacey Accuser Says Actor Inappropriately Touched Him When He Was Only 13-Years-Old

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The number of alleged victims keeps piling up…

On Friday, former child star Danny Lanzetta wrote a piece for the Huffington Post accusing Kevin Spacey of touching his thigh when he was only 13-years-old.

The now-40-year-old and the House of Cards actor were in the original Broadway production of Lost in Yonkers in 1991 where they developed a friendship.

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According to the novelist:

“We got along great. He’s an affable, funny guy, as anyone who has seen him on Saturday Night Live knows. Great at impressions. Easy to talk to. A lot of fun. I remember being fascinated by the distinctive scar on his face, but too afraid to ask about it. But I bet he wouldn’t have minded if I did. And I’ll never forget sitting in the lounge of a hotel on a chilly night in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We talked about the show, my adolescent vicissitudes, his age (for some reason I couldn’t believe he was only 32). It was actually a beautiful night. I was charmed; my parents were charmed. I went to bed feeling good that Kevin Spacey was my friend.”

However, things changed when the American Beauty actor allegedly touched Lanzetta’s thigh while they were hanging out in Spacey’s dressing room.

“It was on one of those nights, with the damn Celtics on the television, that Kevin Spacey put his hand on my thigh.”

Although Lanzetta doesn’t remember all of the details, his mom knew he was “scared,” and she picked him up so Danny wouldn’t have to go to Kevin’s residence. After the incident, the Brooklyn Bridge star “said nothing” and “did nothing,” and only talked about the alleged assault as a “party story” when he became an adult.

Fast forward to today, Danny regrets treating the experience as a “joke,” and wants to “confront the seriousness of something that I, and my parents, should have treated differently.”

He even applauds fellow-Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp for “his willingness to revisit an old wound.”

After the alleged touch, Danny never went back to Spacey’s dressing room, and was the first original cast member to leave the play.

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Nov 3, 2017 9:01pm PDT

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