Ted Star Jessica Barth Claims Film Producer David Guillod Drugged & Sexually Assaulted Her

jessica barth accuses former manager sexual assault

Ted‘s Jessica Barth isn’t done fighting back.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old went to the Los Angeles Police Department to revive sexual assault claims she made against her former manager, David Guillod. Allegedly, years ago, the Atomic Blonde executive producer drugged Jessica at a dinner and then sexually assaulted her.

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To make matters worse, Barth claims Guillod threatened her with a lawsuit to keep her from pursuing the 2012 allegation. While it’s been some time since Jessica’s initial complaint, the blonde actress is coming forward once more as a different woman reached out to her via email and said that David drugged and assaulted her as well.

The Hollywood heavyweight’s lawyer, Thomas M. Ferlauto, has since released a statement on the matter to The Wrap:

“This allegation was initially made five years ago and was fully investigated by LAPD at that time. Witnesses were interviewed whose version of events belied and completely contradicted Ms. Barth’s and LAPD determined the charges to be unfounded. No criminal or civil case was ever brought against Mr. Guillod.”

The LAPD declined to comment on the story for confidentiality reasons.

We can’t say we’re surprised to learn that another woman is speaking out against David. According to reports, the film producer was forced out of two high profile positions over sexual harassment complaints. Specifically, David lost positions as the co-head of the motion picture department at UTA and as an agent at Paradigm because of his sexual misconduct.

Despite Guillod’s lawyer’s claim, Barth hasn’t been made aware of any witnesses who’ve contradicted her 2012 statement to the cops. Jessica’s boyfriend at the time (and now husband), Danny Cusumano has supported the Get Smart actress’ account of what happened with Guillod.

Jessica explained:

“Nothing was found to be unfounded. I just stopped pursuing it because he threatened to sue me. I wasn’t in a place emotionally or financially to take him on legally… I want to prosecute him. I want to do whatever is in my power to make sure this never happens to another woman.”

Although one of David’s clients, Felisha Terrell, believes Jessica’s statement has “some inaccuracies.” Felisha, who was at the dinner with David and Jessica, stated that she wouldn’t have remained a client if she felt the “accusations were 100 percent true.” Hmmmm.

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In regards to the night in question, Jessica doesn’t remember much, but does recall that the waitstaff at the restaurant “kept magically refilling” her wine glass. She added:

“The next thing I remember is waking up at home with six hickeys on my neck. I was horrified. I was completely and utterly confused and I was sick to my stomach. Through email, he tried to play it off as a silly make-out session between friends. He sent me message after message begging that we talk and letting me know how upset he was and that he couldn’t sleep because of the pit in his stomach.”

This isn’t the first time Jessica has whistle-blown on an industry titan. Apparently, Seth MacFarlane‘s 2013 Oscars joke about Harvey Weinstein came to fruition after Jessica told the Family Guy creator about her unsavory encounter with the indie movie mogul.

In fact, Jessica learned she wasn’t David’s only victim thanks to the new “Who Is Your Harvey?” campaign she launched. As you may’ve heard, Barth invited sexual assault survivors to email her the names of their assailants in order to put victims in contact with each other.

Nonetheless, Jessica was shocked when David’s name appeared in one email title:

“She titled the email with his name. I immediately had shivers from head to toe. The woman said that she had a similar experience, which was horrific. ├óΓé¼┬ª She said it was about three years ago.”

Man, oh man. We are so proud of Jessica for speaking out as we know it isn’t an easy thing to do.

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Nov 3, 2017 10:00am PST

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