Awwww — Tom Hanks Helps A Fan Surprise His Girlfriend With A Proposal!

tom hanks plays part in fans proposal

Tom Hanks is so good to his fans.

Over the weekend, the Oscar winner stopped by the Texas Book Festival in order to promote his new tome, Uncommon Type: Some Stories. During the question and answer portion of his visit, the Forrest Gump actor did something unexpected as he decided to ask the crowd one very important question.

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Specifically, Tom told the audience that he was “bored” answering their question and that he had one of his own to read. According to the Associated Press, Hanks then pulled out a piece of paper and noted that a man, named Ryan McFarling, wanted to know the following:

“Nikki, will you marry me?”

Yup, Tom freakin’ Hanks helped a fan propose to his girlfriend, whose name is Nikki Young. Like, isn’t that just the sweetest thing??

The couple were then brought up onstage, where the woman was presented with an engagement ring. Thankfully, Young said “yes” to Ryan’s proposal.

One audience member captured the touching moment as they shared on Twitter:

The book festival also shared snaps from the proposal as they too posted:

It’s said Tom hugged both Nikki and Ryan after the big question and gave them both his best wishes. We’re not crying, YOU ARE!!

[Image via Phil Lewis/WENN.]

Nov 6, 2017 1:52pm PDT

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