Jennifer Garner & Casey Affleck Helped Ben Affleck Check Into Rehab During His Struggle With Alcohol Addiction

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck‘s loved ones helped him get a handle on his addiction to alcohol.

According to Us Weekly, the actor turned to his ex Jennifer Garner and brother Casey Affleck after realizing he was “spiraling” and “unhappy” before entering rehab months ago.

The insider told the mag:

“Ben reached a breaking point. He knew he was spiraling and was unhappy.”

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Before things got worse, the 44-year-old confided in the mother of his three children:

“Ben told her everything that was going on with his life. He was devastated but knew he had to change.”

Along with Casey (who is sober), Garner found a rehab facility in northern Los Angeles:

“After everything they’ve been through, she is going to continue to be there for him when he needs her, no matter what the circumstances.”

Another source added of Jen’s loyalty:

“From the smoking to drinking and gambling, Jen has always been the person who can get through to him. She keeps Ben in line as much as she can … No one ever told her she needs to stick around to help Ben, but she always will. They are both good parents and good people.”

The big step to get help came after a specific incident where Ben could feel himself slipping back into his old habits:

“There wasn’t a specific instance that made him check into a facility. It was more of a prevention. People in his life knew he needed a treatment that was more serious than what he was currently getting.”

Now, he’s in “a great headspace”:

“He has learned that dealing with his addiction is an ongoing battle. He understands he cannot just wake up one morning and say, ├óΓé¼╦£OK, we’re all done.’ Treatment is like a job.”

The Justice League star is now participating in an outpatient program to help keep him on the straight and narrow:

“He knows he can’t get through this all alone. His slip-ups have affected his loved ones, but the good thing is that he’s making strides toward recovery. Friends and family have never seen Ben so proactive and serious about wanting to get better. Ben will do whatever it takes to be a great ├é┬¡parent.”

We’re hoping he sticks with it!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

Nov 8, 2017 3:33pm PDT

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