This Is Us Used The N-Word Without Censorship Last Night & Fans Are Shooketh!

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This is… not usually something we hear on network television.

But hearing the n-word in Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us is what made the story so powerful — at least according to the fans!

This week’s hour chronicled Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) fight to legally adopt their African-American son Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

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In the show’s usual nature of exploring real world issues, The Most Disappointed Man touched on race and discrimination in the judicial system circa 1981. [These are spoilers!]

The Pearsons were expecting a breezy court proceeding to make the Big Three official, but were caught off guard when the judge (Delroy Lindo) didn’t think that two white parents should be raising a black child. He told the white couple:

“I don’t believe that child belongs in your home. That child belongs with a black family Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. How else will he see himself? Understand who he is?”

Judge Bradley evoked even more emotion by using the n-word without censorship. He later explained to Jack and Rebecca:

“I never understood what my blackness meant until a white man called me a n*****.”

Damn, NBC!

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The cast live tweeted the bombshell line, and even teased the audience with information alluding to the judge’s own prejudices. Moore and Brown shared on Twitter:

The Pearsons ended up successfully adopting Randall with the help of a different judge, but not before Rebecca penned a strongly-worded letter to Judge Bradley, signing it as “Randall’s mother.”

Still, the judge’s refusal to rule the adoption into law stuck with many fans — some of whom understood where he came from. See what viewers had to say about the thought-provoking episode (below).

Sry, Judge Bradley. Big Three 4 lyfe!

[Image via NBC.]

Nov 8, 2017 12:44pm PST

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