Identity Thieves Tried To Use Amy Pascal’s Info To Have Sex With Movie Stars!

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Usually identity thieves just take credit card numbers and such for cash.

But when some crooks got ahold of powerhouse producer Amy Pascal‘s info, they decided to use it for much more nefarious purposes: sex with celebs.

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According to The Blast, Pascal hired an investigator on October 24 after she was alerted that her phone number and email address had been compromised.

It’s not yet clear how the thieves got Pascal’s info (though she was chairperson of Sony during the infamous hack), but how they used it is. The investigator told police:

“The callers, both male and female, have tried to lure numerous celebrities into meeting Pascal at various places for the purpose of having sex with Pascal. Numerous people were suspicious of the calls and alerted Pascal of the calls.”

The celebs in question have not been named, but Pascal has worked with everyone Angelina Jolie to Zendaya.

Did they really think this would work? Like the stars would show up and say, “You’re not a studio head! Oh well, as long as I’m here…”?

Possibly. Or this could have been an effort to discredit Pascal, as it obviously could have made her look terrible:

“The callers have also told the actors that if they want a role, they have to meet with Amy Pascal to have sex with her.”


Luckily the thieves were incompetent enough to use one of their addresses in their starfucking scheme. Police raided the home on November 2 and seized computers, thumb drives, and financial records.

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The female suspect was arrested and charged with two counts of identity theft.

Pascal’s people confirmed the investigation but wouldn’t say much more. Though they did imply more Hollywood bigwigs might be in danger:

“We can confirm that Amy Pascal, as well as several other individuals, are the victims of an ongoing identity theft ring. This is a criminal investigation, involving the District Attorney, that is happening in real time, and we will have no further comment.”

A whole ring? Damn! We’ll keep you up to date on this story for sure!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Nov 9, 2017 8:56pm PDT

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