JAY-Z’s Lawyers Threaten Legal Action Against Sites Calling His 4:44 Tour A ‘Disaster’ — As Ticket Prices Drop To Just $6!

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The embarrassingly low ticket prices for JAY-Z‘s 4:44 tour are simply part of his genius marketing strategy — and he’ll sue anyone who says otherwise!

Last week, Digital Music News published an article highlighting Hova’s poorly-selling 2017 tour, which is apparently only filling half of stadiums with tickets on StubHub going for as little as $6.

The site reported there were a massive number of unsold seats in cities like Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Since the article was published, Jay canceled a scheduled performance in Fresno as ticket prices dropped even lower.

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Jay’s latest album, lest we forget, was limited to TIDAL and Sprint subscribers — and based on all the empty stadium seats, it looks like withholding 4:44 from a Spotify release backfired for the music mogul.

Of course, Mr. Beyonc├â┬⌐ doesn’t want you to know that! On Thursday, Digital Music News revealed Hova’s team threatened legal action if the site didn’t take down their article calling the 4:44 tour a flop.

Yup, he’s pulling a Taylor Swift! Ha!

Jay’s attorneys told the outlet that their analysis was not only factually incorrect, but also defamatory. Why? Because Billboard is calling the same tour a sweeping success!

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Sites like Billboard are reporting that 4:44 is actually Jay’s “highest grossing solo tour to date,” according to his promoter Live Nation, and the low ticket sales are simply part of a genius marking strategy that “puts high, market value prices on front row, premium and VIP tickets.”

Basically, these sites are saying Jay is hiking up the prices of his costlier seats because he knows the *true* fans will throw down more dough to watch him live. Kind of like how his true fans will pay for a monthly TIDAL subscription!

So, who do we believe in this era of Fake News? Probably the site posting screenshots of half-empty stadiums and cheap ass ticket prices…

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Nov 9, 2017 12:11pm PDT

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