Kevin Spacey Cut From Completed Film All The Money In The World — & Will Be Replaced By Christopher Plummer!!

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Hollywood wants nothing to do with Kevin Spacey — and will do anything in their power to keep him ousted.

As Spacey has been hit with NUMEROUS sexual misconduct allegations, Sony and director Ridley Scott have decided to replace the Oscar winner in their upcoming biopic All the Money in the World. The crazy thing about this decision is that the film is slated to hit theaters on December 22!!!

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Regardless, Sony and Scott are determined to cut the House of Cards star from the flick as they’ve tapped Christopher Plummer to take on the role of John Paul Getty for reshoots. According to Variety sources, the Sound Of Music actor will film the Getty scenes over the next few weeks and the footage will be inserted into the completed film so that it can make its scheduled released date.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, who lead the drama, will also have to film reshoots. Still, the reshoot schedule isn’t impossible, as many of Spacey’s scenes featured just him. In fact, it’s believed that Kevin only filmed about two weeks worth of footage.

Apparently, the director and financier Imperative Entertainment made the call to pull Kevin from the movie on Wednesday. Sony was quick to back their decision. We have a feeling those involved with the film felt their chance at winning Oscars diminished due to Spacey’s presence in the movie. We mean, All the Money in the World was recently pulled from the AFI Fest due to the industry vet’s scandal.

It’ll be certainly inneresting to see if Scott & co. pull off this drastic last minute change. Good luck!!!

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Nov 9, 2017 8:17am PST

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