LAWLZ! Steve Bannon Says Donald Trump Is ‘The Least Racist Guy I’ve Ever Met’ — Watch His New York Times Interview!

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Just because Donald Trump needs the support of white supremacists doesn’t mean he supports them.

That’s the argument Steve Bannon tried to make in a sit-down with The New York Times, during which he claimed the president is “the least racist guy” he’s ever met!

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Bannon, who stepped down as White House advisor back in August to resume his post running Breitbart News, claimed that white nationalist groups simply cling to Trump just to stay relevant.

Speaking to NYT reporter Jeremy Peters, he explained:

“It’s nonsense. I think these [white nationalist] guys grab on to anything. [Trump] is the least racist guy I’ve ever met. Nothing in the campaign, nothing that he’s done to date. That’s all left wing, that’s all MSNBC nonsense.”

In his defense, Bannon may be telling the truth — Trump could very well be the least racist member of his alt-right circle!

POTUS’s former chief strategist went on to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists “don’t have any meaning or purpose,” so they cling to a big movement like MAGA to attract publicity from the left wing media.

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When Peters asked if Trump’s ties to white nationalists was “a media fabrication,” Bannon replied:

“100 percent. If they sit around and do whatever they do, nobody covers them because nobody cares, they don’t have any meaning or purpose. They’re so tiny and irrelevant As soon as they start bringing in the president, yeah, all of a sudden the cameras are there, CNN is there, New York Times is there, it’s a front page story├óΓé¼┬ª They play the mainstream media to build it up. It’s irrelevant nonsense.”

Wow. He’s really putting those losers on blast… now that he’s out of the White House.

Trump may genuinely not support neo-Nazis and white supremacists as Bannon says, but he’s still pandering to those groups to secure his re-election votes. How about you win the rest of us over with positive change and actual leadership, Donny?

Ch-ch-check out Bannon’s full sit down (below) to hear how he plans to fight for the president back at Breitbart!

[Image via The New York Times.]

Nov 10, 2017 12:35pm PDT

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