Kathy Griffin Wages War On Ageism & Sexism In Hollywood In Angry Video Rant — WATCH!

kathy griffin angry rant video

Ready for another Kathy Griffin rant??

Good, because you’re going to get one. On Thursday, the comedienne took to YouTube to upload a video all about ageism and sexism in Hollywood.

Video: Kathy Calls Out Media Moguls In Tell-All Video!

While we’re not always on board with Griffin’s outlandish opinions, the red headed industry vet had some solid points when it came to her defense of acting legend Stockard Channing. Apparently, Kathy was rubbed kind of the wrong way when Donald Sutherland was named as this year’s Oscars honorary recipient.

Per Griffin, she would’ve liked to see someone like Channing be given the honor. After looking up Stockard online, Kathy realized how Tinseltown has under appreciated the West Wing alum. Apparently, the 57-year-old found an article which compared Stockard’s face from then and now.

Understandably, this irked Kathy quite a bit, as she ranted:

“I’m sorry. I have a problem with Stockard Channing getting a bad article because of her face, and she’s an amazing actress. The white privileged old dudes are still getting all their accolades and Stockard Channing is stuck with people blaming her for not looking like her character from Grease anymore while she’s kicking ass in a small theater in London where she had to walk up seven stairs to get to her dressing room!”

To show support of the celebrated actress, the former Bravo star made sure to attend Stockard’s West End play, Apologia. Kathy concluded her rant with a plea for Stockard to not be mad at her:

“Stockard, don’t be mad at me. Sometimes when I stick up for these bitches they fucking turn on me so I don’t need that either. She’s amazing. Go see the play. Support her, support other women. They’re out there just doing it, grinding it out. Amazing work, time after time.”

Be sure to watch Kathy’s rant in its entirety for yourself (below).

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Nov 10, 2017 11:28am PDT

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