Christian Slater Lashes Out Against Interviewer For Bringing Up His Abusive Past — ‘What A Salacious C*nt’

Christian Slater

Touchy subject.

As you may know, Christian Slater has a bit of a troubled history as he’s racked up convictions for drunk driving, trying to take a gun on a plane, and assault for violence against his girlfriend. He was also charged for sexual abuse after an incident on the street, but that allegation was later dropped.

When journalist Nico Hines from The Daily Beast asked the 48-year-old about the parallels between his past and his role as Ricky Roma in a production of Glengarry Glen Ross in London — the actor snapped.

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Slater even said he has no regrets about anything that’s happened:

“No, no. I regret nothing. I’ve always taken my work extremely seriously and I think you learn from experience and it’s a process. I started working at the age of 9, I have had an opportunity to grow up in this business, in front of everybody, so of course nobody gets through unscathed. It’s just how I grew up, so everybody has gotten an opportunity to see highs and lows and ups and downs├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥that’s part of life.”

Hines followed up by asking if the celeb had any advice for people caught up in the recent allegations of sexual harassment or violence against women.

The Mr. Robot star responded:

“Ooft, Jesus. Gosh, I don’t know├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥this is such a particular time where we’ve really hit a moment when such extraordinary change has to take place so I’m happy that women’s voices are being taken seriously and this age of secrecy and abuse of power era has to come to an end. I want women and all people to feel comfortable in the workplace, and I try to have that environment in my work.”

After the interview wrapped, the writer asked Slater if he’d like to clarify his comment about not regretting beating his girlfriend back in the ’90s, to which the actor had a “flash of anger.”

Slater replied, “What a salacious c*nt this guy is!” before his PR rep stepped in and took him to the next appointment.

Hines described the moment:

“It was a flash of anger. A glimpse of Ricky Roma down in the stalls where we were talking. After the performance that night, he emailed to apologize. He explained that ‘the question of regret is hard for me to reckon with.’ ‘I do regret my words this morning,’ he wrote, but he offered none for his part in an era of Hollywood that may finally be coming to a close.”

Clearly, that’s not an easy subject!


[Image via Sean Thorton/WENN.]

Nov 13, 2017 11:55am PST

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