Wonder Woman‘s Amazons Seem To Be Wearing A LOT Less In Justice League… And Fans Have A Lot Of Thoughts!

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Women around the world embraced the powerful female warriors in Wonder Woman.

But the new version of the Amazons in Justice League is causing some costume controversy.

Over the past day or so, fans have been reposting behind-the-scenes photos of the Amazonian warriors first shared by director Zack Snyder on social media site Vero, beside pics of the more heavily armored version from Patty Jenkins‘ film. They’ve even noted the costume designer on Wonder Woman was a woman, Lindy Hemming, while Justice League‘s was a man, Michael Wilkinson.

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But is the comparison fair?

Ch-ch-check out some of the arguments (below):

Others pointed out there were multiple costumes seen in the trailers and promotional material, and that these looks weren’t meant to be their modern armor but rather from a prehistoric flashback:

Hmm. That may be true, but these pics of actress Brooke Ence seem to show her in her full modern battle outfits from each movie, not in ancient leather but more advanced metal armor — and there’s definitely a LOT more skin in the second version…

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What do YOU think of the different Amazon looks? Is Justice League going for too much sex appeal to be functional??

[Image via Warner Bros./Zack Snyder/Vero/Instagram.]

Nov 13, 2017 9:24pm PDT

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