Donald Trump Halts White House Address To Drink Water & It’s Awkward AF — Watch!

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Spewing out bullshit can be quite exhausting… even for the biggest bullshit artist around!

Donald Trump found his fossil-fueled motormouth a bit dried up during his press conference on Wednesday, so he awkwardly paused the address to ask his aide for some water.

What followed was an extended glare into the cameras as POTUS gingerly unscrewed the cap before guzzling down some H2O while holding the water bottle like an exasperated toddler.

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It was a meme-worthy moment that caused reporters to erupt on Twitter. Why? Because Trump continuously made fun of Sen. Marco Rubio during the 2016 primaries for wetting his whistle during his State of the Union response in 2013.

Trump routinely called Rubio a “total choke artist” for taking that long and awkward sip of water while delivering his rebuttel — but on Wednesday afternoon, Rubio’s thirst for karmic retrbution was finally quenched when the following clip went viral:

Wow. Total choke artist!

Letting his followers know he was *in* on the joke, Rubio offered a critique for POTUS’s press conference drinking techniques, tweeting:

Soon after, Twitter’s cup ranneth over with jokes about #Watergate (shit, nvm that one’s already taken…), but one critic made sure to flow the conversation back to the important issues — like the actual water crises going on in America. One user wrote:

Twitter user Fredrerick Douglass is right — now’s not a time for water jokes!

But we do suggest that the next time Trump quenches his thirst on air, he drinks from a glass — it would have a much better impact. Take it from this renowned water expert who once wrote:

[Image via MSNBC.]

Nov 15, 2017 6:28pm PDT

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