Jennifer Hudson Claims David Otunga Was Physically Aggressive Toward Her — & Now Cops Have Forced Him Out Of Their Home

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Tensions are escalating quickly for Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga as they continue through a messy custody battle — so quickly, the cops already had to get involved.

As we reported, JHud went to court on Thursday without telling her baby daddy and obtained an order of protection, alleging that the former wrestler is a risk to her and her son’s safety. Otunga’s camp hit back, claiming the singer simply requested the order to gain the upper hand in court.

But others are taking the order seriously; namely the cops who came to Hudson’s Chicago-area home and kicked her ex out!

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TMZ sources say that while the couple has been broken up for months, Otunga has been staying in the family home — which is owned by Hudson — because he’s been the primary caregiver for their son David Jr.. In the wake of their custody battle, however, Hudson demanded he leave her home.

When it became clear the WWE commentator wasn’t going to comply, Hudson reportedly went to court for the order of protection. Later Thursday night, police ordered Otunga to pack a bag and mosey on out.

Things have definitely taken an ugly turn as both continue to fight for primary physical custody of their 8-year-old son. Otunga’s lawyer said Hudson was making up the safety concern — in which she alleges the athlete has exhibited “aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward [her].”

Claiming she’s “now living in fear” Otunga will physically harm her or her son, Hudson detailed a recent encounter where her baby daddy allegedly pushed her after a heated altercation.

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Hudson claims on Wednesday she was at a recording session with David Jr. when Otunga made several phone calls to get a hold of her. When he couldn’t reach her, Otunga asked their son to record the scene, hoping to prove, according to Hudson, that she was dating one of her producers.

She adds that Otunga was visibly angry when she got home, and claims he grabbed David Jr. by the hand and physically pushed her out of the master suite. Hudson says their son, a makeup artist, and an assistant all witnessed the encounter.

The American Idol alum claims this has been the most recent incident in a pattern of escalating and threatening behavior. And because Otunga is a 6’3″ 240-pound pro wrestler, she’s not waiting for the alleged behavior to get worse.

Otunga’s camp categorically denies Hudson’s accusations and claims she is fabricating stories to seem like the victim in court.

We’ll see how this all pans out.

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Nov 17, 2017 11:51am PDT

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